MAN Diesel & Turbo's Alpha Kappel propellers are once again a vital part of another ground breaking efficiency project. This time, 19 chemical tankers are being retrofitted with a MAN Alpha Kappel propeller, rudder bulb and fairing cone.

The vessels will be among the most energy efficient chemical tankers in the world, and will achieve the highest score on the Rightship energy rating, A+. - "The full scale sea trial for our 37,000 dwt vessel concluded with a 20% reduction. This is even better than the model test results and is as such highly satisfactory", says Helge Olsen, SVP Ship Management in Odfjell.

What others say...

Don't just take our word for it - Hear how thrilled both Odfjell and RightShip are with the project.


RightShip CEO, Warwick Norman: "They set the benchmark in the industry"

Energy scale


Read how happy Odfjell are with the project. Click the picture and read their press release.

Odfjell press release about how they cut 20% fuel and emissions with MAN propulsion package upgrade

Scope of Project...

11 of the vessels have an MAN B&W two-stroke engine powering a four-bladed, controllable-pitch propeller and a PTO-driven shaft alternator. The vessels’ new service speed at reduced main-engine output – combined with the implementation of MAN’s highly-efficient Kappel propeller blades, a fairing cone and a pre-fabricated rudder bulb kit – will all contribute to power savings and reduced exhaust-gas emissions.  


CFD simulation for Odfjell retrofitGraphic from MAN Diesel & Turbo’s CFD simulation of the new Kappel propeller blades, fairing cone and rudder bulb – customised for the existing aft ship and fishtail rudder.

Principal particulars

Vessel type Chemical tanker - double hull
Dead weight tonnage (mt) 37,500
Lenght overall (m) 183,10
Breadth (m) 32,20
Draught (m) 10,65
Engine power (kW) 14,160
Max. engine and propeller speed (r/min) 117
Shaft-alternator power (kW) 850
Propeller diameter (mm) 6,300

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