MAN PrimeServ Holeby has more than 200 spare part kits available for the four-stroke medium speed engines.

    • Catalogue of kits for easy maintenance for 95% of our installed base
    • New kits or kits for upgrade are under continuous development
    • All kits are in accordance with working cards in the instruction manual
    • Spare part kits are a possibility for bulk orders
    • Complete overhaul kits for the new generation of GenSets 16/24, 23/30, 21/31 and 27/38
    • Customised forecast projects for individual customers with different need

Different kits for different purposes

Retrofit kits: The spare part kits are specially made with all necessary parts for a complete Retrofit & Upgrade solution.

Maintenance kits: Complete set of spare parts for maintenance of single components, e.g. maintenance of fuel valve.

Overhaul kits: Complete set of spare parts for minor and major overhauls of the complete engine, e.g. 16,000 hours overhaul.

Tailor-made kits: Spare part kits that are tailored to fit the individual customer's needs.

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